Morden’s progress

It’s been a while…

There are authors who are considered prolific; I can’t be numbered among them. It takes me time to write for many reasons, many of which anyone who knows a writer will be familiar with if they were ever foolish enough to ask them ‘How’s the writing going?’. There’s certainly no reason for me to elaborate.

What I will say is, progress is being made on the third in the series, and I remain resolute in it being a bona fide trilogy. It’s just taking time. It took me the best part of two years to write the second book, and the third looks like it won’t be any easier. Word counts and book lengths while it’s still being written don’t mean a whole lot as there is editing to be done, rewrites and so much more, but my gut feel is I’m about half way through…ish.

I’ve also had a few people ask me if the second book will be released as an audio book. It’s a question I can’t answer beyond, I hope it will be. It comes down to economics and what the numbers look like on the first one when the publisher takes a look at sales. From the positive feedback I’ve received, Guildart Jackson certainly nailed the first one and I’d love him to do the second, but we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, back to the writing and cycling. I’ll try to keep this blog a touch more active. If I can’t say much about Morden, perhaps I’ll talk more about bikes, guitars, games, books and film.

As a parting note, with the changes in how VAT is handled to Kindle prices, I’ve adjusted both books prices downwards. The price of the sequel has also been reduced.

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