Rise and Fall

A new year has arrived and with it the beginning of the final chapter in The Dark Lord’s Handbook trilogy. My working title, Rise and Fall is not so much a spoiler as a statement of inevitability. From the outset this has been the telling of a well-worn path, albeit from a different angle, and it behooves me to be true to the genre.

As for Morden, it’s all very well and good to have conquered all, but it’s still not that easy being a Dark Lord. Rule has its own challenges and pitfalls. Morden, loveable as he is, has a destiny that is not one of happy ever after. He is a Dark Lord, and eventually they always screw up. Don’t they?

5 thoughts on “Rise and Fall”

  1. If the entire purpose of a Dark Lord is to conquer the world then what happens when the world is conquered? The entire point, as I understood Evil’s intentions, was to have its chosen minion conquer the world. Besides is something truly inevitable when the cycle has already been broken. Technically Good had to cheat to avoid Evil’s total victory so are they even playing by the same rules anymore? After all how can something be a cycle when the game itself has changed.

  2. All extremely good and interesting points. It’s not too clear what the rules are, or when the game is deemed over. We shall see.

  3. I recently found the first two books and flew through them in two days flat. I absolutely loved them and can’t wait for more; so I’m glad to hear that the third in the trilogy is on the way.

    I must admit though that having become invested in Morden I really don’t want to see the classic trope played out of ‘good triumphs over evil’.

    I’m hoping there will be some twist in the tail given that the rules are out of the window with GOOD cheating at the end of the second book. Not so that Morden ends up being the supreme ruler of everything as that would be boring (though there is something to say for a book that plays on the ‘what do you do when you have everything?’ theme) but something that doesn’t end up with Morden dead in a ditch either.

    Either way though I can’t wait to read the final installment (assuming it is, given the rules are out of the window, maybe it doesn’t even have to be a trilogy. šŸ˜‰

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the two books. The third book is certainly a challenge, but one that I am enjoying writing. I can’t really comment on your hopes and desires in regards to Morden’s fate, or what happens, other than to say I set out to write books that have (loving) fun with fantasy tropes and other wider issues, and the third should be no different, though not purely more of the same for the sake of it.

    It’s also this last point which has me determined to complete the tale in the three books. Not that there wouldn’t be more set in the same world, but Morden’s story should be done in three.

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