The Dark Lord’s Handbook: Empire

I have been reminded, it has been a while since I have given an update on the third in the series, and for that I apologize. The good news is, the first draft is done and I am in the process of getting it edited. The artwork has also been commissioned and will again be produced by the excellent Jaka Prawira.

While it is hard to give a specific date at this time, I am aiming to have the book released before the end of the year. This is dependent largely on how smoothly the edit goes. With the majority of the hard work done, I’ll have more time to maintain this blog and report on progress. As things solidify, I should be able to give a stronger indication of when this book can be expected.

It is also worth reiterating what I have said previously, and that is this is a trilogy in three parts, not five, or ten, or more. This is the final book in the Dark Lord’s Handbook series.