The Dark Lord’s Handbook reaches 10,000 sales

Today Morden hit a landmark with over 10,000 sales of the two books that cover his rise to being a Dark Lord being reached. In truth, I’m quite flabbergasted.

When I published the first book in February 2012, I was ready to give up writing and turn my hand to something else. I had been at it for ten years, and had a Master’s Degree and a pile of rejections for two novels to show for it. I put The Dark Lord’s Handbook out to finish the cycle. I made mistakes when I did, that I rectified later.

Sales came in, but nothing spectacular, and then out of the blue I was approached by Fanucci Editore and they acquired the Italian translation rights. For this I am eternally grateful as I think this gave me the confidence to finish the second book, and also added weight to the first.

Then in April this year something strange happened. I had been selling about three books a month in the US and there was a spike. I sold three in a day. More the next. More after that. Before I knew it, I was selling not 100 books in a month but 1000.

I was doing the cover and editing/proofing for the second book at this time, and so invested back into the first, giving it a new cover to match the style of the second and getting a polish from an editor. Jaka Prawira did a great job on the cover art, and Incandescent Phoenix an equally good job on polishing both books.

Soon after, Tantor Audio approached and acquired the audiobook rights. With a great narrator, Gildart Jackson, the unabridged audiobook is due for release on November 4th. I’m excited by the prospect of Gildart using his talents to bring the characters to life.

Conquest came out on September 16th. Since then, it seems that fantasy readers really do enjoy a series (I know I do). I can only, in a corny kind of way, say thank you to everyone who has bought and enjoyed, or not, either book. I have more than a passing suspicion that there will be more from Morden. After all, he has a world to run, and how hard can that be?

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  1. I came across your first book on my Samsung Galaxy 4S kindle app back in June, 2014 as I had only started to read ebooks more than paperback around that time. And have to say I absolutely loved the first book, and was extremely excited when I saw the second come out on September 18. I ended downloading it that day and was done by that Saturday.

    Really hope to see a third as we learned from the second the world is a much bigger place than you first think. Thanks for the excellent work and look forward to more.

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