One of the big lessons I learned with the first book was the work doesn’t stop with the writing. And there’s a lot of it. This time round, I’m getting help.

While I’m happy enough with the first book’s cover, this time I’ve commissioned an artist to do the cover specifically for the sequel. It will be original artwork and a composition to reflect the book. I’m very excited by this and I’m looking forward to this artist’s work.

I’ve been through one round of editing and now it’s out with beta readers, and a copy editor. Those kind enough to read the first and give me their thoughts helped tremendously to iron out the kinks in the story and correct the glaring errors. If a little known writer such as myself is to compete then I think this is extremely important. The quality of the product is paramount. Releasing too early with too many typos is a mistake not to be repeated.

All this does mean that from when I typed ‘The End’ to when the book hits the stores will be several months. It’s painful as I’m keen to see what all those who asked me for the sequel think but it has to be done right.

All being well, June time looks like a potential release date.