Sequel first draft complete

Today I wrote those two words that I am sure every author loves: The End.

The first draft of the sequel to The Dark Lord’s Handbook is done. It’s been quite the journey, going places I did not expect, and yet enjoyable. It’s also a good bit longer that the first book. More epic, if you will, as befits the genre, though no less satirical (I hope).

Now, I’ll let it sit. In a week or so, I’ll read it through for reading sake. After that, it will need to be re-drafted, edited and proof read. I’ll give it to some readers and see what they think. Then, I imagine it will need another draft, much as the first did. Eventually, I’ll be happy.

I’ll also need to find a good cover artist and deal with the production of the eBook and paperback.

It’s hard to put a date on it, but I would hope for a summer release, all being well.