Tour de France 2014

It’s that time of year again. Le Tour has started and what a start. Yorkshire has made the nation proud with its scenery, its excellent parcours and amazing crowds. The first two stages have been thrilling, despite losing Cavendish on the final sprint for the first stage. Seeing Contador, Froome and Nibali have at it on stage 2 was brilliant, though it is likely to be the last action we see from them until the first mountain top finish on stage 10.

But you can never tell, and that’s the beauty of the sport. The peleton can get ripped apart by accidents or an unexpected side wind. It’s true, on a long flat stage, it can get kinda boring but there’s always a good book on hand and the iPad to help pass the time, as well as the commentators. Sean Kelly can be quite dry, but when he’s in a mischievous mood, he’s very funny. And Carlton Kirby is plain nuts most of the time. I do miss David Harmon though. He was not only funny, but also was not scared to address the issues in cycling.

Let’s just hope we can get through the tour with the main contenders staying healthy and competitive, and without a drug scandal. It’s still an issue but I believe the peleton is a different beast now and there is a generation of riders who will not tolerate drug cheats and desire only to win on their merits. At least, that’s what I hope as a huge fan of the sport.

Vive le Tour!