A Dark Lord’s progress

It’s been a good six months since my last update and a lot has happened in that time.

The main thing is that my cycling was brought to an abrupt halt when I suffered a tachycardia. It sounds a lot worse than it is. Essentially I have an electrical fault in the heart which needs fixing, and will be fixed very shortly, all being well.

It did impact on my writing for a while, both negatively at first, and afterwards more positively. I’ve been unable to ride like I used to and that’s meant I have had more time to write. As a result, the sequel has come along great guns. It’s proving to be more epic than the first, in length at least, which is good as if it’s going to take a loving prod at the genre it should, I feel, match it for epicness (not a word, I know).

As for timescales. I’m on track to finish a draft this year. Then the hard work of editing, proofing, cover art and all that takes a manuscript and brings it up to standard takes place. It’s easy to skimp on this and seductive to do so. The quicker to market, the quicker to sales? Not really if it’s junk.

Sometime mid-2014 I would hope to the next steps in Morden’s quest to be a Dark Lord…

Current writing soundtrack: Dredd: Original Movie Soundtrack. It’s driving beats seem to fit the mood.