I live in Bath, England. It’s a beautiful city nestled in a hollow surrounded by hills. The Romans liked it because of the hot springs and their baths can be visited in the city centre. Being a world heritage site, we have tourism all year round (Jane Austin museum, Georgian architecture) and an enormous number of decent restaurants. I think Penbury would like it here.

When I’m not writing, I’m cycling. With the Mendips to the south and the Costwolds to the north, I spend most of my time struggling upward before all too brief periods of downward.

Aside from that, I do like to play games. Board games, computer games, card games. Any game really. Having being brought up on 8 bit pixel games, I find it incredible to spend time in VR with a friend killing zombies or playing golf,  running around fully realised fantasy worlds, or taking a Dash 8 across Norway in a simulator.

The Dark Lord’s Handbook series sprung from the idea that even a Dark Lord has a mum and the nature of original sin — is anyone born completely evil?

The trilogy is complete now. I have a folder full of book ideas and, while the Handbook is done, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see something new but perhaps with a few familiar old faces making an appearance.

I studied Physics with Applied Physics at Bath University. Many years later, when I decided my writing needed a hand, I did a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

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Feersum Endjinn
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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Kafka on the Shore
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